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Seoul Jib Korean Restaurant is a hidden gem, discreetly resting behind the Finland Embassy on Dashrath Chand Marga in the throbbing heart of Kathmandu. The vision and dedication of its owner, Mrs. Rajeshori Sherpa, have brought into Nepal the authenticity and tantalizing flavors of Korea.

Riding the Korean Culinary Wave in Nepal

With the number of tourists soaring from Korea, Korean food is booming in the already heavily lifted market of Nepalese dishes. This kind of great fusion of taste and exciting spices with healthy ingredients has made Korean food an irresistible temptation for both locals and travelers coming to the country. From hundreds of them in Kathmandu alone, Seoul Jib is considered unique for its authentic offerings.

A Taste of Korea in Nepal for Korean Tourists

Seoul Jib’s journey started long before—more than two decades ago when Mrs. Sherpa felt that the need to provide Korean tourists with a real taste of home was dire. The beginning of this culinary journey began to take shape through her trekking clients, who dined in the restaurants around here but often missed the comforting and truly authentic side dishes of Korean cuisine.

Building a Korean Oasis in the Middle of a Culinary Experience

In 2018, it was with much anticipation that Seoul Jib Korean Restaurant opened to the public. It is not a business for her; it is love, aimed at bringing a Korean dining experience fantastic and unforgettable. Seoul Jib serves Korean flavor enthusiasts and wants them to be not just comfortable but completely at home.

Going the Extra Mile to Keep Your Customers Smiling

Seoul Jib is unique in that what most restaurants take for granted, an extra effort is put into it. While most of the restaurants take care of main course meals, Mrs. Sherpa herself insists upon time and again replenishing the accompanying side dishes and sees to it that every plate goes away with the customer, leaving him not just content but more so satisfied: proving that Seoul Jib cares more about its customers’ happiness than profits.

Winning the Trust of South Korean Visitors

Gradually but surely, Mrs. Sherpa has established a relationship of trust with Korean tourists who appreciate her dedication to providing for their true happiness. Deal with Korean restaurants may not be as profitable as some other businesses, but for Mrs. Sherpa, this is what she enjoys: knowing she delights her customers in reality. Korean cuisine is getting popular among Nepalese, too, particularly with health-conscious people, which further cements the restaurant’s reputation.

Savoring Korean Culinary Delight

Every dish at Seoul Jib Korean Restaurant caters to all tastes in terms of flavors and is meticulously prepared for people in Nepal to have the real taste of Korea. From the Samgyupsal outdoor BBQ experience to hearty chicken soup, each dish carefully prepared includes Dak Baeksuk. Nepal Trip in the Works? Join Us in the Planning at Seoul Jib Korean Restaurant Explore Nepal while tasting the flavors of authentic Korea. Your Korean culinary journey commences herein!

Seoul Jib Korean Restaurant is more than just a dining spot. It’s where tradition meets passion, ensuring every guest in Kathmandu enjoys the authentic taste of Korea. Be it locals or travelers—Seoul Jib promises a real taste of Korea that leaves you wanting more. Come and join us for those unforgettable flavors that make Korean cuisine so unique.

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Featured Menu Items

Dak Galb
Rs. 4.50
Haemul Pajeon
Rs. 600
Dak Baeksuk
Rs. 1500
Rs. 500/600
Jap Chae
Rs. 8000
Jaeyuk Deopbap
Rs. 1000
Bibim Guksu
Rs. 600
Miyeok Soup
Rs. 600
Rs. 650/700
Yeomso Suyuk
Rs. 4000
Samgyupsal Set
Rs. 1400
Rs. 450
Lunch box
Rs. 750
Dak Gaejang
Rs. 750
Gyeran Mari
Rs. 600
Tofu Kimchi
Rs. 600