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  • Reservation and Order Online

    Reservation and Order Online

    Book your table online and order your favourite food online with us.

  • Great Food and Drinks

    Great Food and Drinks

    We offer Great foods and varieties of wines and spirits.

  • Small Parties and Groups

    Small Parties and Groups

    We also arrange parties for small groups.

  • Family Environment

    Family Environment

    You are welcome with family to have a pleasant time.

Featured Menu Items

Samgyupsal Set
Rs. 1400
Lunch box
Rs. 750
Dak Baeksuk
Rs. 1500
Jaeyuk Deopbap
Rs. 1000
Rs. 450
Rs. 650/700
Haemul Pajeon
Rs. 600
Dak Gaejang
Rs. 750
Bibim Guksu
Rs. 600
Miyeok Soup
Rs. 600
Gyeran Mari
Rs. 600
Jap Chae
Rs. 8000
Rs. 500/600
Dak Galb
Rs. 4.50
Tofu Kimchi
Rs. 600
Yeomso Suyuk
Rs. 4000