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Located at the core of the vibrant heart of Kathmandu, Seoul Jib Korean Restaurant has become renowned in Kathmandu as the best Korean restaurant. Authentically flavored food with a pleasing ambiance of homeliness and quality service makes Seoul Jib different from any other dining experience you’ve ever had—a genuinely Korean one.

Korean Dining Experience

Seoul Jib is famous for its authentic Korean BBQ cuisine, perfection-obsessed traditional side dishes, and hearty soups. Every dish is prepared with fresh ingredients to ensure an authentic taste of Korea. It’s a place for everybody: be it a resident or an adventurer.

A Menu That Appeals to Every Taste Bud

At Seoul Jib, the menu is vast and diversified to cater to numerous tastes. From the savory experience of the Samgyupsal BBQ to the warmth of comfort in Dak Baeksuk, a customer’s preference is undoubtedly checked. With authenticity attached to every bite, this restaurant remains a top choice for Korean food enthusiasts.

Exceptional Customer Service

Not only do people go there because of the food, but they experience services out of this world. Right from an attentive owner to responsible staff, every detail of their experience is looked into to ensure a feeling of welcome and fulfillment among their patrons. Such detail has pulled a loyal following for Seoul Jib in the local community, as well as from among tourists.

FAQs About Seoul Jib Korean Restaurant

Why is Seoul Jib the best restaurant in Kathmandu for Korean food?

Seoul Jib is recognized for its distinctly Korean taste, fresh ingredients, and excellent customer service. It has a variance on its menu, which exhibits the spirit of Korean cuisine; hence, a foodie would appreciate it.

What are the must-try dishes at Seoul Jib?

Must-tries include Korean BBQ, known in Korea as Samgyupsal, the traditional side dishes of banchan, and hearty soups like Dak Baeksuk. All the dishes are prepared carefully to ensure a real taste of Korea.

Does Seoul Jib have a vegetarian section?

Seoul Jib indeed provides a nice variety of vegetarian dishes, so tasteful and genuine that each guest may have a proper Korean dining experience.

Is Seoul Jib’s menu designed appropriately for family dining?

Sure thing! Being a warm place, Seoul Jib is simply a restaurant for families. With a wide array in the menu, it caters to all people in different age brackets, so it is a sure bet as a family venue.

Can I book a reservation for Seoul Jib?

Yes, absolutely. Reservations can be done. Pre-reserved tables are always better for a hassle-free dining experience, especially during rush hours.

Where is the exact location of Seoul Jib Korean Restaurant?

Seoul Jib is conveniently just behind the Finland Embassy, on Dashrath Chand Marga in Kathmandu. From this perspective, it is centrally located, and both local and foreign customers will have easy access to the place of business.


Seoul Jib is the best of the rest in Kathmandu, offering originality and a sweet gastronomic experience. This restaurant does not fall short of the notion to serve every client exceptionally with the best quality and standard dedication and service—a diverse menu of mouthwatering delights that are sure to tantalize your palate. Head on to Seoul Jib and explore the world of dining right amid Nepal.

Our Features

Our Amazing Services

  • Reservation and Order Online

    Reservation and Order Online

    Book your table online and order your favourite food online with us.

  • Great Food and Drinks

    Great Food and Drinks

    We offer Great foods and varieties of wines and spirits.

  • Small Parties and Groups

    Small Parties and Groups

    We also arrange parties for small groups.

  • Family Environment

    Family Environment

    You are welcome with family to have a pleasant time.

Featured Menu Items

Bibim Guksu
Rs. 600
Gyeran Mari
Rs. 600
Dak Baeksuk
Rs. 1500
Yeomso Suyuk
Rs. 4000
Jap Chae
Rs. 8000
Miyeok Soup
Rs. 600
Haemul Pajeon
Rs. 600
Rs. 450
Dak Gaejang
Rs. 750
Dak Galb
Rs. 4.50
Samgyupsal Set
Rs. 1400
Lunch box
Rs. 750
Rs. 650/700
Tofu Kimchi
Rs. 600
Rs. 500/600
Jaeyuk Deopbap
Rs. 1000